Space for Sports and Arts

An Extended School at Emerged Level with a Space for the Sports and Arts

IMG_0048The Extended Schools provision at Lionwood Infant and Nursery has been in flow in its community since 2004. The school has established a feel for being one of the main hubs of the community.

The school employs a development officer qualified in the field of sports and arts development along with community cohesion training, health and safety and parent and family support training. She was also trained in Extended Schools Delivery and was part of the original pilot scheme in Norfolk (the school changing to its current name). The hours and ways in which she works enables the head to have the extended schools commitment firmly embedded into her school development plan.

The school also is able to offer a 52 week programme by the extended schools officer being on a 52 week contract. This enables the workings which have been established to continue through the holiday times. The officer also engages community volunteers and ‘Young Leaders’ in sport and dance qualified under the Education Authorities ‘Sports Partnership Scheme.

The school building allows access too many structured and developing ‘User Groups’.

Making planets out of paper macheThese range from providers within the educational structure of Norfolk Government (PE, Music services, Children’s and Social Services) to community providers, local businesses and beyond:

  • Thorpe and Dussindale Action for Children Centre
  • Adult Education
  • Norfolk Police Service
  • Soccer Stars
  • Slimming World
  • Keswick Hall Choir
  • Zhineng Qigong
  • Norfolk Suzuki Group
  • Norfolk Family Learning
  • Norwich Barbershop Symphony
  • Alex Yoga
  • Community Sports Foundation
  • Paul Simmons Karate
  • Aviva
  • Norwich City Football Club
  • Old Catton Youth Football Club

The above gives a broad and varied partnership from the sports and the arts fields.

The school also uses other venues within its community to deliver additional extended activities throughout the whole year:

  • St. Matthews Church Rooms for International Friendship Group
  • Open Academy for Sports and Dance Activity Days
  • St. Francis Church for Community Luncheon

The Extended Schools Officer attends many local groups to enhance her knowledge of the ever changing face of a very diverse community. She sits on the Local Leadership Forum, Action for Children Steering Group, Piling Park Residents Association, NCFA LTD Steering Group and several other local community groups.

She helps to run a Community Lunch for our community liaising in with Norwich City Council and Norfolk Library Service to provide and deliver this, she also attends the Heartsease Community Lunch.

Pear ClassThe school also hosts the venue for a weekly ‘Monday Monkeys’ group which brings together parents with pre-school children. This group was in danger of closure in 2010 but with business guidance and help from the Extended Schools Officer it has addressed funding and attendance and has now become a fully sustainable group. The need for this group is promoted by the lack of pre-school provision in our community. The Extended Schools Officer continues to add support to the group on a need basis and continues to monitor with them their sustainability.

The school runs a an established ‘Breakfast Club’ which has proved to be sustainable. This again is being monitored and promoted by the extended schools officer and financially by the school bursar.

The school sign posts to an ‘After School Provider’ and children are taken by minibus to this local provision. However there are a full range of ‘After Schools Clubs’ running at the school. These are run by staff around the school terms and vary for the age ranges we have in the school and the variation in clubs to give a balanced and varied number of clubs.

These range from : Gym Club, Dance Club, Gardening Club, Jump Rope, Choir, Craft Club, Knitting Club, Table Games, Korfball Club, Cookery Club and many more…….

The school also offers two ‘After School Clubs’ that have level 2 Sports Coaches applied to them….Multi-Skills Club and Football Club. The school also has linkage with Norwich City College for PE student placements at the above clubs.

Early Evening and Weekend Clubs offered at the school also provide a varied amount of affordable extra activities. These are ran by local providers that are all assigned and registered to their NGB’s and have full insurance policies to provide cover for the out of school schedules they provide.

These include… Karate, Dance, Girls and Boys Football (6-13yrs).

Curriculum Enrichment

The school has a link with the local Morrisons Supermarket, which gives the children access to two days of baking time with the Morrisons Community Champion. He leads baking activities with children from each of the year groups as well as offering additional opportunities for both the children and the parents’ group too.

Swimming sessions at Heartsease Primary are given half termly for the year 1 + 2 children in turn. A fully qualified swimming teacher is attached to this ongoing provision.

Linkage with the ‘Country Trust’ enables free visits to many Norfolk Attractions, transportation is the only funded part of these trips by the school. These trips have included Mannington Hall, Winterton Sand Dunes and Beach and Blickling Hall.

The school ‘Minibus’ enables us to expand the children’s accessibility to local community events and attractions. The school also regularly walks to areas of curriculum interest in the City of Norwich.

If you have any enquiries about Space for Sports and Arts please do not hesitate to contact Glenda Prior via the School Office.