Lionwood Assessments Results 2015 compared with National Results

A ‘Good Level of Development’ in Reception

47% of children achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’ at the end of their Reception Year.

Year 1 Phonics Check

70% of Year 1 children passed the Year 1 phonics check.


L2C+ is 92% (National 91%)
L2B+ is 83% (National 82%)
L3 is 28% (National 32%)


L2C+ is 94% (National 88%)
L2B+ is 75% (National 72%)
L3 is 10% (National 18%)


L2C+ is 97% (National 93%)
L2B+ is 81% (National 82%)
L3 is 14% (National 26%)

Level 2 (L2)  is what an average Year 2 child (aged  6-7 years) would be expected  to achieve by the end of the year.

Level 2 is subdivided  into  L2C, L2B and L2A with L2B being the expected level and L2A the highest and nearly at Level 3.

Level 3 (L3) is well above average achievement for an Year 2 child.


From this year, the assessment arrangements for schools in England has changed.

From now on, the assessments at the end of Year 2 will show whether a child has either met or not met the nationally expected standard (which is similar to the results of the Year 1 phonics check). When teachers make their assessments at the end of Year 2, they  will describe children as, ‘Working Towards Age Related Expectations’, ‘Working at Age Related Expectations’ or ‘Working at Age Related Expectations in Greater Depth’.

We call this ‘Developing’, ‘Embedded’ and ‘Mastered’. (Within a year group, i.e. ‘Year 2 developing’ = ‘Working towards age related expectations in Year 2’)