Welcome to the Lionwood Schools Federation

We are delighted that you are visiting our schools websites and hope that you find everything you are looking for. The schools operate under one Governing Body with one executive Headteacher and one senior leadership team across the two sites. The federation has enabled us to distribute strong leadership at all levels throughout the two schools and strengthen our model. Under the new model the infant school was the first of the two schools to be inspected and has just been rated outstanding. (Please read the reports for both schools below):

The Junior School has celebrated high results at KS2 in 2015 and some of these achievements have been captured in this video for Teaching Leaders.

Mrs. Selene Sawyer – Executive Headteacher

Lionwood Infant & Nursery School
Telegraph Lane East, Norwich NR1 4AN
T 01603 433 957 F 01603 438 085
E office@lionwoodinfant.norfolk.sch.uk
W www.lionwoodinfant.norfolk.sch.uk

Lionwood Junior School
Wolfe Road, Norwich NR1 4HT
T 01603 433 014 F 01603 701 464
E office@lionwoodjunior.norfolk.sch.uk
W www.lionwoodjunior.norfolk.sch.uk